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Discover where your Etsy photos
are being used on the web

  • Check 10 Etsy listings for free
  • Your Etsy photos are not stored
  • Your listings remain untouched

What is the problem?

Photos from Etsy shops are regularly stolen and republished on other websites. Often their respective owners don't even know about it. Etsy Shops of any size can be affected by such copyright infringements.

Why deal with copycats?

Getting ripped off is not only a copyright violation but also a big financial risk. These copycat products also damage your brand's reputation on Etsy and elsewhere.

Who is this tool made for?

If you can confirm all of the following, you are most likely an Etsy seller for whom the tool adds value.

  • I want to protect my Etsy business
  • I offer handmade products
  • I use unique product photos 1
  • I want to put a stop to scammers

1 The uniqueness of a product photo influences the quality of the displayed results. Using mockup templates as product photos for example, increases the chance of false positives.

Features & Benefits

Learn how you could
benefit from our service

Batch processing is the key

Check only a few or up to 500 of your listings in one go. All listings get processed in a sequential order in real time.

  • Work with the results as they appear
  • Save time and focus on the essentials
  • All results are available in one place

Easy to access and use

Everyone can use it. That's why getting started couldn't be easier and the learning curve is pretty flat.

  • Requires only a shop name to work
  • Designed for easy and efficient use
  • No in-depth technical skills necessary

Trust in the first place

Our service will never modify your Etsy listings in any way or store your Etsy photos on our servers or elsewhere.

  • Your Etsy listings remain untouched
  • None of your product photos are stored
  • Automated expiration after 7 days 2

2 The report and all directly related data will be deleted.

Only pay for actual usage

Transparency and fairness underpin our simple payment model. No subscription fees and no hidden costs.

  • Free for super small Etsy shops 3
  • Fair pricing through pay per use
  • No questions asked refunding

3 The limit for a free report is at 10 listings total.

  • Shop ListingsPrice Per Report
  • 1 – 10FREE
  • 11 – 100$4.99
  • 101 – 200$5.99
  • 201 – 300$6.99
  • 301 – 400$7.99
  • 401 – 500$8.99

There is currently a limit of 500 listings that can be checked at once.

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Getting started



  • How long does it take to create a report?

    This depends on the number of listings being checked. Usually, it takes about 1 second to check one listing. So if your Etsy shop has 120 listings for example, it will take around 2 minutes to check all of them.

  • Are you checking all images of a listing?

    We are currently only checking the main image of a listing.

  • Why are you not checking all images of a listing?

    For each image check, we have to pay Google a fee. Therefore, checking all images would require us to drastically increase the price of the service, which we want to avoid.

  • I run multiple Etsy shops. Can I check all of them?

    You can check up to 2 shops in a period of 7 days.

  • How many reports can I create?

    You can create one report per shop in a period of 7 days. Once the 7 days expired, you are free to create a new one.

  • Why is there a limit of 10 listings for free reports?

    We want to support super small Etsy shops. If you want to check more listings, feel free to upgrade to premium for a small fee.

  • Are my Etsy product photos stored?

    No, we are not storing any of your product photos on our servers.

  • Are my Etsy listings somehow modified?

    No, we only have read access to your listings.

  • Why does the report not include results from my own Etsy shop or website?

    These results are already filtered in advance and aren't shown.